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The School of Now is a paradigm shift. We are youth leaders and teaching artists collectively unlearning with art as the point of departure.


We seek the freedom to wildly roam through intellectual, spiritual, and emotional geographies in the pursuit of remixed, refreshed, and revitalized knowledge for the nourishment of our equitable future. Youth and Educators of Color, Queer PoC, and white co-conspirators believe we can drive transformational change for the 21st century. By co-curating our resources, we provide a reclamation curriculum that intersects social justice, community activism, and art happenings on an inter/national level. We believe creative civic engagement is needed for a strong, exciting, future, and that we can engage better together.


The School of Now moves past the educational topography of assignments, project-based learning, culmination shows, assessments, and finals.  We unlearn and converse through and around the Western canon’s dominant paradigms. We know that the foundation of tomorrow will be built through the joy of intergenerational learning and harnessing a myriad of cultural, social, and emotional access points. 

The School of Now follows in the visionary footsteps of The New School at Columbia University [1919] and Black Mountain College [1933-1956]. The School of Now views education as an expansive field far outside the bounds of a school building. We prioritize mutual knowledge, healthy relationships, and supportive networks.  If you are interested in participating or planning, we invite you to co-create with us. We are a group of nine, who have begun to develop a list of points of departure. Youth are in charge of advancing and co-creating interactions with our invited guests via independent communications and planning. We seek to transform virtual dialogue into a necessary means of understanding collectivism and diversified actions of self-awareness.

The School of Now co-founders

Cindy Santos Bravo, Dyllan Larmond, Kailyn Bryant, Megan Broughton, Roma Nagle, Tavisha Khanna, Artemisio Romero y Carver, Larissa Gilbert, Yasmina Torres, Karina Esperanza Yánez 


Greetings From

South Central LA


The Oxbow



Youth United

for Climate Action

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